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We all create moisture in our homes through everyday activities like cooking, heating and washing. That just gets worse with wet weather. Damp homes are harder to heat and encourage the growth of mould and mildew.

iFresh Vent's innovative technology introduces fresh, dry air to your home forcing damp air out. It’s clean air too. The state of the art natural filter removes airborne pollutants and pollens that trigger asthmatic and allergic reactions.

It's easy to use and install, with no complicated ducting it's a more affordable option. Be smart, be healthy, choose iFresh Vent.

Healthy dry homes
It's time for a revolution
iFresh Vent has reimagined home ventilation. It’s simpler to install, easier to use and lighter on the pocket. Breath in and wake up to a smarter look at a healthier climate in your home.
Ventilation Fan
Designed for applications requiring enhanced performance. The three-phase motor provides superior aerodynamic efficiency and pressure while keeping noise and power consumption low.
Power over Ethernet
PoE technology delivers high speed data and power over one cable, providing flexibility in choosing your install location as well as reduced installation costs.
Motion Detection
Use your iFresh Vent motion detector for your existing alarm or home automation system
Temperature Monitor
Constantly taking airflow from the room for accurate monitoring.
Environmental Sensor
The state of the art Environmental Sensor constantly monitors air quality. Humidity is measured and flow adjusted as required. When smoke is detected an alert is sent to your phone.
Smoke Detector
Immediately recognises smoke in the atmosphere and shuts fan down avoiding the transfer of harmful fumes. Alarms are sent to your smartphone via the iFresh Vent app so you can quickly take action.

More Fresh Features

Naturally Filtered Air
Naturally Filtered Air
100% pure wool filters. This natural, high grade filtration technology removes lung damaging particles, pollution and pollens resulting in naturally fresh, sterilised air.
Humidity Reduction
Humidity Reduction
iFresh Vent provides constant, controlled air circulation. With proper ventilation bringing dry air from your ceiling cavity you’ll enjoy a dryer, healthier home.
Motion Detection
Motion Detection
Smart motion detectors can be used to connect your iFresh Vent to your home alarm or home automation system.
iFresh App
iFresh App
iFresh Vent is smart, just one thing that sets it apart. By connecting to your Wi-Fi your home ventilation system can be controlled from anywhere with our easy to use app.
Climate Control
Climate Control
The weather is constantly changing and so is the climate in your home. iFresh Vent is constantly monitoring the air quality in the room and adjusting to counter the conditions.
Self Install
Save $$ with Self Install
There is zero ducting required for an iFresh Vent. So if you’re a confident DIY-er you could save thousands by installing yourself. Or if preferred use one of our trusted installation partners.

Smart controls at your fingertips

iFresh Vent units are smart. Linked together over Wi-Fi and to your Android or iOS device, now you can monitor and adjust the air quality in each room of your home - from anywhere.

Unlike your typical home ventilation system, iFresh Vent is also an economical way to make your home more comfortable than ever. Avoid painful installation fees, and only buy as many iFresh units as you need for your specific application. iFresh Vent packages are also available for more savings.

Say goodbye to the octopus in the ceiling

It’s time to reclaim the attic. No more need for a tangle of ducting or expensive installs. We’ve re-designed home ventilation from the ground up resulting in a simplified, affordable, less intrusive solution for your home.

Future Features

The future is bright for iFresh Vent. Our vision is for your iFresh Vent to become a versatile tech hub for your home. Our modular design allows for continual innovation and more features to be added into a single, easy to use product. Here are just a few of the future features currently in development for the next iFresh Vent release.
Wifi Extender
WIFI Extender
Use your iFresh Vent to create a strong and reliable WIFI network throughout your home
Home Security
Home Security
The less things in your ceiling the better. iFresh Vent will soon use onboard motion sensors to alarm your home or office via our app in the areas the vent is installed.
Tonal Lighting
Tonal Lighting
iFresh Vent will be able to provide light to your room, adjustable to match colour and tonal palate of your interior design.

If you would like to know more, or are interested in getting involved with iFreshVent, we are keen to hear from you. Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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